maandag 31 december 2012


And once again, I fell in love with an amazing military jacket from Zara. I already told myself not to buy anything, until I saw this beauty. My friend told me I was crazy if I didn't buy it, and I would regret it. So I spent my life savings haha. I told my Mom, and first she got mad because I have to "save" some money but then I showed her the jacket and she changed her mind haha, she loved it as well! She even gave me the money back, because it's an investment for my future! I love my Mom, she's the best 
I think this is such an eyecatcher and a classy item, you can wear it for years! It never goes out of style! Indeed Mom, it's a nice investment! Now I need some nice shoes for my "Military-Chic" outfit!
Do you like my new jacket? Let me know what you think ;-)

With love, xoxo A

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Ja goed jasje Lys, daar had je moeder het dus over! Wat ben je toch ook een verwend kind haha groetjes Marg

  2. If it was red, it would have looked like Ralph Lauren. But blue looks good on you! Miss you bisous x


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