dinsdag 25 februari 2014


Welcome back! I know I haven't posted anything on my blog for a while, but that doesn't mean I haven't been doing anything. Meanwhile I've found my way into Amsterdam Fashion Week, turned 23 and been to Florence with the Styling class from Vogue Academy. So here comes a long blogpost, with a lot of fashionable and fabulous pictures of all the adventures we'd been through in Italy.

It all started on tuesday evening, Lotte and me went to Pleuni's home in Amsterdam - which is close to Schiphol so we could get a taxi together. With some prosecco and some snacks we decided to stay awake until the taxi would arrive (around 4.30h!!!). Our flight went around 6.50h. Luckily the seats behind us were free, so we were able to take a little nap in the plane. Because I could feel the bags under my eyes getting bigger every hour!

Around 8.30h we arrived at Pisa airport, from there we had to take a bus to Florence. Then we had to walk to our hostel, with our bags which were way too heavy (ofcouse). But the weather was nice, the sun was shining and it was around 16 degrees. After a walk we finally arrived at Plus Florence, really nice and clean. They have two swimming pools, a sauna, a bar, a gym and more.

We decided to do some sightseeing, enjoy the nice weather and of course the beautiful view.  We had lunch at a little Italian luncheroom with delicious sandwiches and of course Italian Coffee! (Which is the best!)

View of the Arno river

Because we didn't slept for about 36 hours, we went to bed early that night. And boy, I think I never slept better in my life. Totally knocked out for about 10 hours straight!

The next day, it was Lotte's 20th birthday! So we had to celebrate that with some Italian chocolate cake.  
Lucky Lotte, the Italian waiter was singing for her ;-)
Later that day we went to the fabulous store Luisa Via Roma. Which was of an assignment for Vogue Academy. My god, what an amazing store, everything is just wow. Too bad it was expensive, otherwise I would have bought everything! Especially the Guiseppe Zanotti shoes (which won't go out of my head for days now!)
The prints in the styling are made by a Dutch company called Vlisco Fabrics. Pretty damn cool right, to see some Dutch prints in this stunning store, I felt a little proud. We weren't aloud to take pictures, but we're badasses so we did it anyway. Take a look of the styling of Luisa Via Roma

After our visit we had some dinner, (pizza of course) and went out for some cocktails for Lotte's B'day.

During our stay in Italy a lot of people were staring at us the whole time. I don't know what we did, but it worked. Free shots for everybody! During our cocktail hour, the bartender started talking to us and he wanted to take us to a club Colle Bereto Bar. Where we got another round of shots, and we got to this VIP area. My god, Italian girls are acting drunk, and dance uhhh how can you explain this... drunk! And the guys are not ashamed to flirt with you: big time. After some more (free) booze, we wanted to go somewhere else, so we left. But then everything was already closed. Florence is not really a party city.

Friday morning, lucky us: no hangover. We decided to get an 'early' breakfast at 10.30 across the street. So we just went there in our pyjama's. Had a nice mozzarella sandwich and coffee to open my tired and swollen eyes.
After we showered and got dressed, we went to the Salvatore Ferragamo Museum, with a lot of shoes. But also other work he had created; like drawings and paintings. Really nice to see what colors he used, and combined it; it looked a bit cartoonists but so pretty.

After our visit we thought it was time for some serious shopping, and the weather was so nice. So after a while we thought it was time for wine!

Later we did some shopping and had a yummy dinner at a little Italian Restaurant. Bored with Pasta's en Pizza's already we ordered Lobster and Steak (yes, living the student life: NOT!) From day one we wrote down all our funny sayings and crazy things what happened to us in out little Burn-Book. Also this evening in this restaurant, and you could see all the people were really annoyed by our presence. We were laughing the whole time, and I made these little headbands out of our napkins (sooooo creative with fashion haha) This was one of our most funny evenings we'd have. We left the building wearing our headbands and calling ourself FASHION SCOUTS!

When we got back at out hostel, we wanted to swim; so we did. But we were staying at a "Back-building' so we had to crossover a little square; but we did in in style of course - in BIKINI and a TOWEL. To get to the pool you had to walk across the bar; so all the guys had the night of their life.After we jumped into the pool we discovered it wasn't that warm at all, so we moved our behinds to the sauna to warm up a little bit before we had to go outside again to get into our room!

The next day we thought it would be nice to show our faces to the people from school. They were going to the Gucci Museum, and it was nice to take a look there. This is the floral scarf Gucci designed (in one night) for Grace Kelly!
I liked the museum, but the tour was too long for me. I like it more when I can just go wherever I want, plus it was way too hot inside. During the tour I thought I was already in menopause, my god!

One of the teachers told us if you go to Luisa Via Roma (the fashionable store) and you tell them you want to go to their Outlet, they'll arrange a taxi for you and pay it as well. So I really wanted to that; and of course spent some money on something really nice. But fist we had to lunch, because we were hungry and we needed a little break from all the walking, shopping and sightseeing. We ended up to the other side of the river Arno and found a little cafe with an amazing view, but food and drinks were so overpriced.

After we re-gained some energy we went back to Luisa Via Roma, to take a taxi which will bring us to the good stuff!
Unfortunately there weren't so many nice things. I only saw a cute Marc Jacobs dress, but I was doubting; and doubting isn't good so I didn't buy it. We sunset was really nice that evening,  I think it's funny because Luisa is my second name and I never liked it because the way you write it; but now I know this fabulous store is called the same it's a pretty cool name isn't it?
Here are some more pictues, also during out VIP treatment in the taxi to the outlet store from Luisa Via Roma. But we accidentally walked into a little art exhibition with only red shoes and visited a cute store with nice clothes called twin set. Take a look down below :)


Saturday is for shopping, so we did. After that we had dinner in one of the nicest restaurants in Florence. The waiter was very nice, and we decided to drink some Limoncello! After that we went back to our hostel to change outfit and go out for some more drinks. We went to a cocktail bar called Caffè Concerto Paszkowski and ordered two enormous cocktails, me likey!

Around 2 am we were kicked out of this bar, because they wanted to closed. But we didn't finished our drinks yet, so we got plastic cups so we could take it with us. Strange, but hey... we had a mission; we wanted to party. We went to Slowly, but they said they were closed already. But Lotte (with her blonde hair) got us in, we got some free shots of vodka and time to dance. And there was a little dance battle between Pleuni and the bartenders! They said we could go to a underground club Blue Velvet if we waited for them to finish and clean up. Okay, sure! A couple of Vodka's later we went to Blue Velvet, if you normally walked into this street you would never know there was a club. You had to be quiet outside, once we got in it was pretty cool (and blue). We got in for free, en got some more booze. We danced all night long until 6am, we had to walk home again but made a little stop at McDonnald to get some foor in our tummy. Around 7.30h we finally saw our bed again, and slept like little babies 'till afternoon. 

Sunday, the last day in Florence; we had a little hangover. My god, what happed last night? There was a bucket in the room, Lotte brought home from somewhere and some blurry pictures on everyones phone! But it was a good night, now the task is to get rid of this hangover as soon as possible. Because the sun is shining and we want to enjoy that! So everybody took a quick shower, put on their sunnies and were out and about again; looking for some great hangover food. We ended up near by theBasilica di Santa Maria del Fiore (a.k.a.) Duomo, there we ordered some soup with bread and I ordered one big glass of Chardonnay; that's the best cure for a hangover. We wanted to buy some last things before we went back to the Netherlands, and then we found some cute little vintage stores and Second hand Haute Couture shops, where I bought some things. Actually I didm;t buy that much this holiday, only some shoes from Steve Madden, 2 skirts, and a top. That's all, my dad can be really proud!

The next day we had to take a taxi around 6am, to bring us to the station where our bus went to Pisa to bring us to the airport. The plane left at 9 o'clock, and once I sat down, I slipped into a little coma. About one and a half hour later, we were back in Amsterdam. Luckily it was sunny, but also a bit chilly. When I got home I had to do all my laundry, and I took a very long nap; because I was tired as hell. But what a nice trip, so many funny moments and a lot of inspiration. I spotted a lot of fashionable and fierce people for my style-bible, but I'm gonna post that later!

dinsdag 7 januari 2014


Leopard print, you rather love it or hate it. I adore this print! For such a long time I was looking for the perfect Leopard coat, but couldn't find it anywhere - not online, not in vintage stores; like it wasn't meant for me. Until the day someone told me you could but it at the Zara. So I immediately grabbed my  creditcard and ordered this baby! So happy when it arrived a couple days later, couldn't wait to wear it. I mean, it does look chique right? With some killerheels, like these ones from River Island (which I got in the Solden in Antwerp). O - MY - GOD! The Solden in Antwerp was crazy, every fashionista dragged their ass to the city to score some nice items for a amazing price! After a couple hours I needed a break, I mean… sometimes the life of a little fashion victim is hard. But after the break, I got my act together again, and I made it to the finish (of my bank account). But, my closet is up-to-date now. Keep following me, so you can check out all these precious items I'ved scored during my shopping-trip in Antwerp! Enjoy your day, xoxo A


maandag 6 januari 2014

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First of all, Happy New Year! May your only pains be Champagnes! As you might have guessed, I couldn't fine any time to keep you galls&guys updated with my blog. Shame on me, big time. But, it's a new year and it's one of my resolutions to post more often.

During the holiday I've been thinking about last year, and what has been happened to me the last 365 days - and it's quite a lot actually. In 2013 I've been graduated at the Dance Academy, designed ánd made a costume for my solo, started a new study at Akademie Vogue, got an internship at The Darling and moved to the most beautiful city; Amsterdam. I think I can be a little proud of all the things I've done this year. It wasn't easy for me to make these drastic decisions, but now when I look back at my life I can enjoy it more in a way. I never could have done this without the people who never stopped believe in me - even when I didn't.

In 2013 I've been to beautiful places in the world, like Singapore for example. That was a magical trip for me, that's where I decided to change my life; quit dancing and go for the things that make me happy. That's what matters in life.

2013 was also a year of having wine (no… a lot of wine, maybe too much wine) and tosti's at Anvers. To "reduce" the stress, haha! Somethimes I wish I had the time to re-do that, because it was a blast. Dressing up, and just having talks with the people you love.

Now it's 2014, and I'm curious what this year will bring me. This week there's coming new Outfit of the Day posts, because in those two months where I haven't posted a look, doesn't mean I didn't shop. My poor bank-account and creditcard, but happy be! And that's what counts! With love xoxo A.

maandag 28 oktober 2013


As you may know I adore the sun. Especially when it's autumn; the beautiful colors of the leafs on the trees. Everything looks so pretty and pure. I think it's difficult to dress yourself this time a year. Because it's too cold or too warm, but I have found a solution; layers (a lot of layers). Then it's perfect! At the moment I'm loving the oversized trend, my new leopard-print coat from Mango fits so nice, lovely to wrap myself in it when I'm cold. It's sort of boyfiend-chic look. The same for the jeans, they are soooo comfortable! Sometimes I'm asking myself, why do I wear skinny jeans when you can wear these comfy pants. To spice it up, I have to wear my favorite killer heels by Steve Madden. It completes my outfit, and makes it more feminine, don't you think? 
Meanwhile, the weather has changed and it's raining all day. So I decided to stay home, until it's over.. Make some clothing, and do some homework for school. Living the good life :) xoxo 






zondag 27 oktober 2013


Inez van Lamsweerde and Winoodh Matadin shot the editorial 'Body Double' featuring the best paid model Gisele Bundchen for the November Issue of the Vogue Paris. The styling was taken care of by the editor-in-chief herself Emmanuelle Alt. Check out the editorial below.

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