dinsdag 7 januari 2014


Leopard print, you rather love it or hate it. I adore this print! For such a long time I was looking for the perfect Leopard coat, but couldn't find it anywhere - not online, not in vintage stores; like it wasn't meant for me. Until the day someone told me you could but it at the Zara. So I immediately grabbed my  creditcard and ordered this baby! So happy when it arrived a couple days later, couldn't wait to wear it. I mean, it does look chique right? With some killerheels, like these ones from River Island (which I got in the Solden in Antwerp). O - MY - GOD! The Solden in Antwerp was crazy, every fashionista dragged their ass to the city to score some nice items for a amazing price! After a couple hours I needed a break, I mean… sometimes the life of a little fashion victim is hard. But after the break, I got my act together again, and I made it to the finish (of my bank account). But, my closet is up-to-date now. Keep following me, so you can check out all these precious items I'ved scored during my shopping-trip in Antwerp! Enjoy your day, xoxo A


maandag 6 januari 2014

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First of all, Happy New Year! May your only pains be Champagnes! As you might have guessed, I couldn't fine any time to keep you galls&guys updated with my blog. Shame on me, big time. But, it's a new year and it's one of my resolutions to post more often.

During the holiday I've been thinking about last year, and what has been happened to me the last 365 days - and it's quite a lot actually. In 2013 I've been graduated at the Dance Academy, designed ánd made a costume for my solo, started a new study at Akademie Vogue, got an internship at The Darling and moved to the most beautiful city; Amsterdam. I think I can be a little proud of all the things I've done this year. It wasn't easy for me to make these drastic decisions, but now when I look back at my life I can enjoy it more in a way. I never could have done this without the people who never stopped believe in me - even when I didn't.

In 2013 I've been to beautiful places in the world, like Singapore for example. That was a magical trip for me, that's where I decided to change my life; quit dancing and go for the things that make me happy. That's what matters in life.

2013 was also a year of having wine (no… a lot of wine, maybe too much wine) and tosti's at Anvers. To "reduce" the stress, haha! Somethimes I wish I had the time to re-do that, because it was a blast. Dressing up, and just having talks with the people you love.

Now it's 2014, and I'm curious what this year will bring me. This week there's coming new Outfit of the Day posts, because in those two months where I haven't posted a look, doesn't mean I didn't shop. My poor bank-account and creditcard, but happy be! And that's what counts! With love xoxo A.

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