zondag 22 september 2013


A week full of fashion, I think I'm falling in love with my new life. My world has been turned upside down, but I'm enjoying it the fullest. It's totally different then what I'm used to be doing. In a way I feel so much more free as a person, and this were just the first couple of weeks! At my internship at the Darling in the 9 streets I'm learning a lot, and I just discovered I'm more creative then I thought I was. I'm so busy I'm not able to update my blog as much as I want to, so I thought maybe it will be fun to tell you something about my week full of fashion; also known as Alyssa's Fashion Week!

Monday morning, time: 7:30h. First day of the week, I promised myself to go at least 3 times a week to the gym for a nice morning-run. Otherwise I'll get fat, and then I have to trow away all my clothing. Karl Lagerfeld was right: Fashion is the healthiest motivation for losing weight! So, I went.. early in the morning.. for a run. And it was amazing! I felt great, I ran 10 miles (16 kilometers)! Yes, I'm going to this at least 3 times a week. After my run, I had a little reunion with my classmates from the dance academy. It was so much fun, talking to each other like we've never been apart. After a lot delicious white wine and a salad it was time for me to go home. This little lady has to work tomorrow, and therefor I need to get up early.

with my lovely classmates at Happy Italy, Tilburg

Happy as a kid in a candy-store @ Happy Italy

Tuesday morning, time: 6:30h. The moment when the alarm goes of, and I try come out of a coma I can feel I'm a little hangover from the reunion last night. But I don't have time to concern about that, because I have to take a shower, get dressed, put some make-up on my face, get all my stuff together (because I'm sleeping at Sarah's place in Amsterdam) so I have to get my school-stuff as well. AHHH shit! And doing that in the early morning is difficult, but with a petit hangover; it's hell. Tip of the day: prepare this kind of things before you go to bed (or even better; before you decided to go drinking!).
Time: 7.50h. All dressed and packed I'm running to the train with a heavy suitcase, and the basterd is delayed (as usual). I arrive late in Amsterdam, and take an other run from the station to my bike; put my suitcase on the carrier and bike to the 9 streets like I'm training for the Tour de France. My boss decided to go to the World Fashion Centre in Amsterdam, to get some inspiration for the new collection of the store. After our visit, we went back to the Darling. And there was a little package, with new sweaters! I 've put some chains onto this Darling, I fell in love with this sweater! You likey?

Wednesday morning, time: 8:30h. This is lovely, I was able to sleep at Sarah's place in Amsterdam. So I didn't have to set my alarm that early. I decided to have my breakfast at Le Pain Quotidien, a cute little bakery at Spuistraat with delicious coffee. Perfect sunny morning, before going to school. 
Time: 10.15h. First class: pattern drawing and making samples. I love this class, because you're learning how you can make you're clothing. It's pretty difficult, and takes some time to make all the homework - but worth it. The next class is fashion drawing, and I think this is my favorite class. Such a nice atmosphere and it's nice to create some nice new things on paper. My last class is Fashion styling, where we work with new trends, make moodboards and make a blog :) after my long day full of fashion I took the train home.

Thursday morning, time 7.30h. Woke up early for a run, 13 kilometers. Thank god for Justin Timberlake's new album, perfect for during your run! Yes, another tip for you!
After that; a whole day of homework. I made this ballerina with a feather tutu for a assignment for school. That was the whole point of my new study, wasn't it; to create something with fashion and dance. Well, there you go ;-)

Friday morning, time 6.30h. Wakey wakey little miss sunshine, get your lazy ass out of bed and take the train (again) to go to work. It was a quiet day, and my boss decided we deserved a little Friday afternoon drink - I couldn't agree more. So I made some moodboard while I was having my white wine and ciggy, pretty cool job right?

Saturday morning, time 8:00h. Weekend! O wait, gym time. Run, Alyssa, Run! Yes, another 13 kilometers; but this time with Moby's greatest hits! Works good for me. After my run I went to the tanning salon, to get some color on my white and tired face. Then I hushed home, for some breakfast and a shower; to continue with some more homework. I had to make 3 moodboard, a sample of a skirt and draw some fashion bodies. 
Time, 20.15h I'm in the Hague for a cabaret show of Jochem Myjer at the Royal theater. I had so much fun, it was exactly what I needed this weekend. A little break from my homework and have fun!

Sunday morning, time 10:15. Finally, I can have some good sleep. Just what I needed! Today I finished all my homework, and I'm so proud I sewed my skirt! So... this was my fashion week. You likey? I hope I find some time to update you guys more often! xoxo Alyssa

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