donderdag 17 oktober 2013


It's been a while, but the bitch is back! A lot has happened, and I didn't had any time to update my blog. I'm so sorry! While I was gone, I moved to Amsterdam! Yes, finally I'm living in this lovely city! And I'm enjoying it the fullest. There's always something going on, the people dress fabulous and eveything looks beautiful. Normally I didn't like it to bike, but not in Amsterdam; I seriously love it (except when it's raining). But all by all, life is good. Spending a lot of time in my schoolwork; today I finished my first skirt - all by myself. I'm so proud, can't wait to make another one. But after being to busy, it's nice to find some time for your own, and that's what I did today. During the day, I did some stuff for school but really easy going. I feel I need to take a little step back, because I want to do too much in one time. I love these me-days! I know probably not so interesting to read, but I didn't had time to make some new Outfit-of-the-Day pictures, while I have a whole new collection of clothing in my wardrobe. And... for the few people who haven't seen me this week: I've cut my hair... short... in a Victoria Beckham bob! My friend Alisa did an amazing job, I'm so happy with it. It felt like I have to change big time, to leave the 'old' Alyssa behind. So, I did! Never felt better. So next time I update you fashionista's with some new outfit's but this is it for today! Enjoy your evening! xoxo

PS. I went to the David Bowie exposition by Duffy at Amsterdam FOAM museum. I loved it!

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