woensdag 27 februari 2013


About a week ago, there was a documentry on tv about Diana Vreeland. I recorded it, and today I decided to watch it. My god, she had such an intresting life - so inspiring! She was sent to a dancing school and was a student of Michel Fokine(!!), performed in Anna Pavlova's Gavotte at Carnegie Hall, was also friends with Coco Chanel, Andy Warhol and Edie Sedgwick.

Called the "High Priestess of Fashion" Diana Vreeland was an American original whose impact on fashion and style was legendary. In 1936 when she became fashion editor at Harper's Bazaar, Vreeland established herself as a controversial visionary with an astonishing ability to invent and discover fashion ideas, designers, personalities and photographers. She was a memorable writer with a vivid personality and a talent for coining aphorisms.

If you love fashion, you really have to see the documentry: The Eye Has To Travel. It's more than just an intimate portrait of the legendary fashion icon. It captures Vreeland's life visually through a multitude of media including film, photography, animation, graphics, text, sound and music. Diana Vreeland's own voice and persona - strong, eloquent and often very exaggerated - will guide you through her life,
                                                                        adventures, accomplishments and passions.

Enjoy! xoxo Alyssa

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  1. YESSS! Saw it, and im stunned! AMAZED. What a inspirational woman. miss you sis x


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