woensdag 6 februari 2013


Dutch designer Iris van Herpen, who is famous for her futuristic and outspoken designs has revealed that she's expanding her current couture-collection with a ready-to-wear collection. The deisgner of for instance Bj√∂rk and Lady Gaga, took 5 years to work on her technique and materials. The wearable collection is made of innovative materials, such as laser-cut plexiglass and leather treated lace and foil. The 28 year old talent is going to launch her new collection named "Phy-tha-go-rash" next month, and it's inspired by a Dutch book of artist Bruno Ernst.
Van Herpen says: "It is really an extension of my couture line. For haute couture you are more concerned for the body to transform. The ready-to-wear collection you want the dress with the body flow. And it must be comfortable." Furthermore, she says that it is not the intention that women have to feel like Lady Gaga or Bjork. "I would not change a person's identity or how she feels."
The prices of clothing vary between 600 and 7120 euros and will be available at 20 selective retailers worldwide.
I can't wait to see the whole collection. I'm a big fan of her work! It's really beautiful to see all the details Van Herpen makes in her clothing, and I'm curious if that's the same with her new ready-to-wear collection.

Photo's: grazia.com

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