vrijdag 15 februari 2013

P R I M A R K 2 0 1 3

Primark, a nice shop with sometimes nice things, but always too crowded for me. Okay, I know it's really cheap, but all these people are shopping as if their life depends on it. And because it's cheap, you like to buy a lot. Even stuff you don't really like or fit. And the quality kind of sucks, but anyways... sometimes they have amazing items. And again, I couldn't resist. My mom took me this week to Rotterdam for (again) a little shoppingtrip. Wait... O MY GOD! It's because of my mom, I am a Shopaholic. Haha, whatever I couldn't care less. I love it!
So, I went to Primark. I try not to go there too much, because I can't stand it when there are too much people and otherwise I would be broke as hell. But for a couple times a year, it's perfect. I always come back with some bags, and shoes! To fill up my collection ;-) 
I will show you everything I bought in an other 'Outfit of the Day' post. I'll keep you posted! 

With love, xoxo

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