woensdag 17 juli 2013


Last Thursday I was a model for my best friend Alisa hair-show of the B-academy in Amsterdam. As you might know because I've told you this a couple times, Alisa is an amazing hair-stylist and I'm so proud of her!! Wednesday there was a make-over day, she dyed my (ombre)hair pinky-peach and cut it - you can see the before and after on the 2nd picture below. Thursday was the real deal, the one and only fashion show! The theme was NEON and she made this amazing hairdo, with GOLD(!!!) and a lot of pink and purple, me likey! It hurt like hell, but.. you know: it's not easy being pretty ;-) hihi. 
There was also a classmate of Alisa, Dennis von Mauw who made also an fabulous hairdo, but I'm going to blog about that another time! I'll keep you posted, but for now: enjoy the FASHIONABLE hair xoxo

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Pretty, you're such a VAMP! Wow, amazing hair and look! I bet you did great and rocked the runway, dear! xxNN

    1. Thank you Noah, my friend Alisa created this amazing hairdo. Yeah I felt like a little supermodel, too bad i'm a little dwarf ;-) xoxo

  2. Like, no big like! You look great.
    Like all these different projects you're doing.
    Like I said; lets skype soon! xx's C


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