zondag 14 juli 2013


The last couple of days I'm busy to move all of my clothing from Tilburg (where I've studied for five years) to Dordrecht (where my parents live). Meanwhile I'm househunting in Amsterdam, so it's a very busy time for me. Today I brought almost all of my trousers and blazers home. And I was so shocked, I have more than 43 pairs of trousers! It's a disease I think. And with that I have 29 blazers, and 21 coats. I didn't count my dresses (yet), but maybe I'm not gonna do that because then I feel like a true shopaholic. O MY GOD, I'm so shocked. I bought all this in FIVE YEARS! As you can see I wasn't that happy during these years, and shopping was my therapy! Well if I ever get broke, I know how to get some money, just sell my wardrobe ;-) xoxo 

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Shop-verslaafd? ;-) nee ik ken het hoor, maar dit zijn wel erg veel broeken, jasjes en andere dingen!

    1. Haha je moet wat, en het komt altijd van pas! ;-) je kan nooit te veel kleding hebben toch? En... daarnaast is het een investering in mijn toekomst in de mode (tja. je moet een excuus hebben haha)


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