donderdag 31 januari 2013


Designer Rei Kawakubo of the label: Comme des Garçons took a look at the archives of Hermès hiding and ceated its own versions of the famous shawls. Kawakubo created six different scarves in February under the name 'Comme des Carres' and will appear on the market. About 200 copies of each design are made​​, writes the Telegraph. The designer studied for inspiration old designs of Hermès from the fifties and seventies.

The Japanese are fascinated by the tradition and knowledge in the production of silk scarves. Hermès makes the scarves still in Lyon, using a method from the 19th century. The production of a scarf that it lasts two years.
Kawakubo previously worked with include Louis Vuitton and H&M. I can't wait to see this collection of scarfs. I love the work of Comme des Garçons!

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