zondag 20 januari 2013


Amsterdam Fashion Week 2013 started yesterday! I was in Amsterdam with my parents so visit an open day at the Vogue Academy. After the open day, we had some lunch and my dad asked me what I want for my birthday. You will be surprised, but... I really don't know. So we went to one of my favorite shoe stores in the world: SHOEBALOO at the Cornelisz Schuytstraat in Amsterdam. There was a little exposition with really rare and vintage Thierry Mugler couture. So there I stood with a glass of champagne admiring the hommage to the iconic designer. Wow, it was beautiful, and such an inspiration. It was stunning!

After the Shoebaloo, we went to Museumplein. There was a whole big happening going on. AFW and thé Model Logde organized a fashionshow on ice. O it was so cold and all the models were walking in dresses and strappy sandals. Brrrrr... Respect for them! Haha I couldn't handle the cold for too long. So we took of to have some drinks and dinner, to get warm! What a lovely day, with so much inspiration. This dumbass forgot her camera, but that's why we have the internet! So enjoy your fashion week ;-)

with love, xoxo A

Photo's: NU.nl

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  1. nice work, missy. what about the school? wait, let's fb about that xe.


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