vrijdag 16 augustus 2013


Sunday morning, very early (around 5 o'clock!!) I'm leaving the Netherlands for a week, to have a nice vacation at Lanzarote! But first we stay a night at the Mercure Hotel at Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam.
And as usual I planned everyday before I leave, so I have to pack my suitcase now already. But, that's no problem for me, because I love it. It's easy girls, just make (new) outfits you want to wear and add some extra tops and shorts/skirts so you can combine other things to create new looks! Told you, piece of cake ;-) Look, I have plenty space enough, for my shoes of course! And... for all the things I want to buy in Spain.

I'm excited, I've made so many new Outfit's with 'old' clothing, because I'm very inspired by Sex&the'City lately. Just love the Carrie-look, styled by Pat Fields - it's just stunning! So when I don't know what to wear, I google Carrie Bradshaw and create a new look. Just wait and see, I'll put it on my blog during my holiday, don't worry.
For now I've got to pack my last things! Sleepwell dear fashionista's xoxo A.

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