donderdag 7 maart 2013


About a month ago Dutch designer Bas Kosters showed his collection called: 'The Rebellious Shadow' for fall 2013/2014 in London. The collection is based on the idea of priciples are not part of everyday life. They exist only in our 'shadow'. It's mainly about aimlessly protest - which is unknown - and a new look at the color black. As the successor of the penis print chose Kosters now for a SM-design. Kosters made ​​use of his favorite material: satin, jersey, Lycra, corduroy and silk.
I love Bas Kosters, such an amazing designer, and I totally get his idea about it only exist in out shadow. Just brilliant! What a inspiration! Don't you think?

1 opmerking:

  1. Wow is this a dutch designer? totally like it, rock chique all over the place. nice


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