dinsdag 12 maart 2013


Alisa is one of my best friends, we met eachother at the dance academy a couple years ago and are inseparable ever since. Alisa and Alyssa, also known as Ali and Aly & girls with the A. What a duo!

Alisa decided study at the B-academy in Amsterdam to become a hair-stylist. And believe me, she rocks. I know it was a hard decission to make for her, but it was totally worth it. Such an inspiration, and I'm really proud of her. 
While she was still dancing at the academy, she worked in a hairsalon and sometimes she dyed my hair a shade darker or lighter. At one point we were both at a stage where we wanted to experiment with our hair, so I decided to take 'Pink Dipped Ends'. Totally fashionable last summer. But, I wasn't her only customer, half the school had joined Alisa's hairsaloon. After a while I got sort of bored with my pink hair, and I went over to ombre hair (which I still have, and still very happy with).

Even though Alisa is no longer at my school, yet I keep coming back to her to get my hair done, and I'm not the only one. She works at Salon B, Amsterdam (which her ​​education is a part of). Before the summerholidays she took me to her work as a model, and I got a Color Shine treatment. Great stuff, your hair gets a boost, it's very shiny and feels like silk. I'm addicted to this treatment, I totally love love love it. You can check it out on the pictures.
So if you need a great hair-stylist, you have to contact Alisa van Vaalen @ www.alisavanvaalen.blogspot.com

my hair at my birthday, made by Alisa

ombre hair

before and after the wonderfull ColorShine treatment!

three happy costomers from Alisa in Tilburg
+ my Pink Dipped Ends

Pink Dip Dye!

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Leuk stukkie. Cool, zo'n vriendschap. heeft ze ook geen shows ofzo waar je styling voor kan doen ofzo xxx Daan

    1. Ja mag voor dr eindopdracht mee al model, ik laat me verassen. Hopelijk kan ik de styling doen, zal wel leuk zijn. Goed duo, haar en styling Ali&Aly haha


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