donderdag 4 oktober 2012


07.22 AM. - Okay, what happened to all the fashionista's in the Netherlands?? I'm in front of the H&M fot the Anna Dello Russo collection and I am the first one!! Pretty cool, but also very weird. Last year in Stockholm with Versace, I took the subway at 5 o'clock and there were like 20 people in front of me. And in Paris it was the same story...
So for now I have to wait for one and a half hour before the store opens. Luckily I've my iPhone and my iPod, so I won't be bored!

08.15 AM. - Yeey, there are more people. But it's still not so crowded. Maybe everybody is saving their money for Maison Martin Margiela, who is the new designer at H&M at November 15th.
I made some friends with the security-guys and got some coffee! Only 45 minutes to go... And I feel the tiredness is comming, my hands are getting cold and my legs are getting heavy. Hold on Alyss, you can do it!

08.45 AM. - Because the security guys felt sorry for us, they opened the door 15 minutes earlier! Me, happy as a kid in a candystore, walked inside (a little uncomfortable, because everybody's watching) to the little Anna Dello Russo department. O it was stunning, so beautiful! I allready decided what I was going to buy, but I still want to take a look at the whole collection in real life. A lot of the jewelry was a bit to much for me (but I don't have so much with big earrings, necklaces and bracelets). I came for the shoes and the crocodile sunglassess.
Yup, I got the sunglasses! They're mine now. Now the shoes.. Hmmm where the fuck are the cute black with silver strappy high heels? Let's ask the saleswomen. NOOOOOOOO! They only sell them in the H&M store in Amsterdam... SHIT!!! I didn't know that! It was not on the website! Okay, breath in... breathe out. Maybe a necklace with matching earings? Then I saw it, a hat with a bird and a lot of feathers. Shall I take it, because it's so pretty. But when will I wear this? But it's so Anna Dello Russo. But do you want to spend so much money on something you maybe never gonna wear? But, but, but... FUCK IT, I'M BUYING IT!!
And thanks to the security guys, I made it in time for my 10.30h class!

xoxo A.

PS. you can check my items on my next post. I'll updated as soon as possible!!

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