donderdag 4 oktober 2012


04.42 AM. - Goodmorning, aren't you a ray of sunshine? Well, I got out of bed at 04.00 am, so I haven't seen the sun yet (and ofcourse, it's raining again). You think I must be crazy to get up at 4 o'clock in the morning, but it's for a good cause, because today is the release of ANNA DELLO RUSSO'S accessory/shoe line at H&M. Well I was planning to sleep a little longer, but I was allready awake from midnight. The first train is going in a hour, so I have to keep myself awake with some coffee and blogging.

While everybody think it's crazy to stand in line for hours in front of the H&M and spend a lot of money on a pair of shoes and sunglassess, I think it's an investment in the future. So mom and dad, when you're reading this on your fabulous holiday at the beach: IT'S AN INVESTMENT FOR MY (hopefully) CAREER IN FASHION haha, so don't get angry when I'm broke in a few hours.

But back to the collection of Anna Dello Russo. She's the editor and creative consultant for the Japanese Vogue. She's the ultimate passionate fashionista and a fashion maniac. Anna got an amazing taste in style and rumour has it she owns more than 4000 pairs of shoes. She is also having a whole apartment in Milan for just her clothing! Wow. I wish I had a closet like her, with a lot of haute couture. She's a little crazy, but I think it's wonderfull. Anna's clothing combinations are so beautiful, and extravagant... I sometimes wish I had the balls to wear it just like her. Maybe someday...

05.14 AM. - Okay, I have to leave in 20-25 minutes. No more coffee for me, otherwise I have to pee, and there is no time to pee when you're standing in line or when you're fighting for your shoes. Weather update: still raining. And I am wondering how I get through the day without sleep. I think I've slept for like 3 hours, so it's gonna be a long long day. But it's totally worth it! I mean I've been doing this for years now, I stood in line for Karl Lagerfeld, Stella McCartney, Viktor & Rolf, Cavalli, Jimmy Choo, Lanvin and Versace. It's like a little schooltrip for me, with a really nice goodie bag. So, let the bitchfight begin. And I say just like Anna Dello Russo: "You Need A Fashion Shower".
I'll update you if I got my items...

With love, xoxo A

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