donderdag 9 februari 2012


What a week... a lot happened! This Tuesday I turned 21, and reality gave me a bitchslap in the face: I became old. But it all started Sunday (when I was still young). I finally decided to buy a Nikon D3100 camera - as a cure for my midlife crisis.
So... what's the plan now? I don't have any clue. I have to figure out what to do and make a little plan. It just need some time. Until then I have a new hobby: making pictures and I'm planning to make a little Street-Style blog. Just to keep myself busy and find out what I want to do and what kind of things I like (and which I don't like to do).

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Love it, i have the same one. By the way HAPPY (BELATED) BIRTHDAY sweet little lady! Lovexoxo


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