zondag 19 februari 2012


When everything is a mess, you need to clean up. But in life? Where do you begin? Lately it got me thinking about life and I decided to start with a little me time. Don't know what I'm exactly going to do, but we'll see. I'm saying goodbye to Facebook (for now), if you need/want to contact me you can call, text, email, whatsapp me anytime you want.

. . .

Little things I like to do while I'm having a little me time: Get rid of all the negativity in lifeDance in the rain - Spend some quality time with my mother - Write a letter - Start reading books before going to bedTake one photo everyday of 2012Spend an entire day in bed (watching movies) - Find beauty and happiness in the little things - Start drawing new clothingdesigns - Love the feeling of being annonymous in a city you've never been beforeStart a diary and write in it every day - Follow my dreams - Watch the newsComplete a scrapbook - Get out of bed early every day - Decorate a bag with studs.

with love, xoxo Alyss

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