woensdag 28 november 2012


Today I stayed in bed all day because I'm not feeling well, I think I might get the flu or something. 
But no problem, now I have time to fix everything. I started to add some feathers on my blazer 
(to be continued...) and I tried to make a moodboard on my iPad. 
Since a couple of weeks I'm really inspirated by Cruella de Ville. O okay I have to admit something, when I was a child I was already fascinated by her. I think she's an amazing style-icon! Just love it!
So here is my first moodboard; what do you think?

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Barbara van der Schrift11 december 2012 om 15:55

    Haha dat weet ik nog wel, jij en Cruella! Leuk dat ze nog steeds een inspiratie bron voor je is. Groetjes Barbara

  2. What kind of app(s) did you used? Looks good, and I'm also a Cruella de Vil fan

  3. Hi Shirley, I used the app on my iPad called 'Moodboard' and for cutting the poto's I used 'photo cut'
    but the last app sucks big time! Hope I helped :)


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