zondag 6 mei 2012


Saturday - the 5th of May - it is liberation day in the Netherlands. And we celebrate it with a concert at the Amstel, in Amsterdam in the presence of our queen Beatrix. Trippin Angels / Fontys Dance Academy Tilburg was honored to perform at the Liberation Concert. Concept and choreography: Marc van Loon and Jean-Louis Barning, costumes: Wobine Bosch. And it was live on the Dutch television (you can check it out here)

It was amazing to be a part in all of this. It's a major event in the Netherlands. I can't describe the feeling I got after the performance, it felt a bit like I was on top of the world (and that's a understatement) even a couple of days later I was still in a daze. It was a wonderful experience, and nobody is going to take that away from me. Thanks to all the people who have made all this possible! Here some 'backstage' pictures.





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  1. WOW ALYSS wat vet dat je dit mocht doen! Hoe was het?


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