zondag 29 april 2012

S H O P P I N G - T H E R A P Y

I've been sick for a couple of days, so I stayed in bed. But today I decided to have some fresh air and take my sick ass to the city for some therapy-shopping. I felt so sad and not so pretty, so I had to buy something to make me feel happy again. I bought a nice cute little shirt, a new deep red Chanel lipstick and had a super healthy fruit-shake. Made some pictures, don't look at my face... I don't look good after being sick... But I have to be better by tomorrow, because then it's Queensday!!

4 opmerkingen:


  2. dankje, het gaat al beetje beter hoor.
    morgen overdag naar A'dam.
    s' Avonds weer zu hause, anders overleef ik het niet.
    Ben je toevallig 5 mei in A'dam?

    1. is dan je optreden?
      moet even kijken, i'll let you know!
      je ziet er goed uit op de foto, beetje bleek bekkie.
      maar niet verkeerd :P xx


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